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Dagcoin Card is an easy-to-use contactless payment card allowing you to pay with dags at merchants accepting dagcoins.

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Spend and store dagcoins on your own terms

Imagine a world where payments in cryptocurrency are made with seamless connectivity. Dagcoin Card enables people to make payments with a card that can be used all around the globe, without a connection to the Internet.

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For everyone, everywhere

Global support

Have any questions about the Dagcoin Card? Feel free to contact our global support to receive the best help.

Dagcoin users worldwide

Dagcoin Card is being shipped to anywhere in the world so that every single user can enjoy simple dagcoin payments.

Growing usability

As the number of merchants accepting dags is constantly growing, you will have more options to use your Dagcoin Card worldwide.

Frequently asked questions

You can order Dagcard from this site ( or my cards page after login by pressing green Order New Card button.

Ordering consists of 3 simple steps
1. Choose between card with or without dags
2. Input your delivery address
3. Payment for the card

After we have received payment card and PIN code is sent to you. You will receive 2 envelopes, one with PIN other with card.

We currently support Wire transfer. During card order we will display and send to your email, an invoice with bank details. Using these you can make a payment to our account using your home bank.

Before you can start using the card you need to activate the card using

When you have received two envelopes:

1. PIN envelope
2. Card envelope

Go to insert the card number and PIN and you are ready to go 🙂

Find dagcoin accepting merchant from Merchant finder (

Find product you want to buy and merchant will show you the amount and you will swipe Dagcard against Dagpay tablet or Phone. And payment is done.

There is also possibility to use manual payment. In that case

1. merchant will scan the QR code in front of your card and asks you to enter the PIN code.
2. You will enter the PIN code and by magic, payment is done

Open Dagpay app.

1. Insert price and press next
2. Show QR code to user
3. User scans the QR code and presses pay

You need to have a Dagpay account. If you don’t have a Dagpay account yet you can easily create this in

You can add dags to Dagcard by scanning the QR code from the card and sending dags to this address.


under add Dags tab input amount you want to add and scan the QR code with Dagwallet

Go to under withdraw dags tab

Set amount you want to withdraw
Set address you want to withdraws to

Press send and dags from card are sent to previously specified address

Didn’t find an answer? Go to support page

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